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What Questions Should I Ask?


For many interviewers, this is the most important part of the interview. For them, the questions you ask indicate the degree of seriousness with which you're approaching the interviewer's college and the college decision generally. Hence, the quality of thought you put into the questions you ask can be key.


Questions that show ou are engaged can be key


So, be thoughtful.

Avoid questions answered on the college's website.  If your interviewer is an admissions officer, student or a recent grad, focus on learning about the best professors and other academic resources, current events and the direction in which they see the campus moving. If your alumni interviewer is a graduate of more than 10 years or so, get his/her judgments on how the college is evolving and how he/she and other alumni generally feel about the school.

Within that framework, there are valuable things to know about many campuses. These interviews can be the best place to get thoughful answers from someone who knows you, even a little.

For most colleges, those questions include:

1. How large are typical freshman courses?

2. How difficult is it to get into upper-level courses as a freshman?

3. I am considering majoring in ________________________. How large are its freshman and upperclass courses?

4. Is there opportunity for independent study or advanced research within most majors?

5. What kinds of internship (or study abroad) experiences would be possible if I majored in _______________?

6. How many students from last year's senior class went on to graduate or professional schools? 

7. Does this college give credit for courses taken on other campuses? Does this college accept credit from only those campuses abroad where it has its own programs?

8.  ____________________ is my first choice housing option. What chance do I have getting it as a first-year? How many upperclassmen live off campus?

9. How many students are typically housed per room? Are singles available? How
old are the dorms?

10. If there are fraternities or sororities on campus: How do these organizations contribute to campus life?

11. I play ______________. How actively could I become involved on your campus?
At the intercollegiate level? In intramurals?

12. Is it possible for me to continue my (musical instrument) lessons on a private basis?  Through your music department? 

13. Off-campus, what cultural or recreational opportunities are available in the

14. What is the social and political atmosphere of the surrounding community? Do students ever become involved in town life? Are there opportunities for service?

15. Can you characterize the personality or atmosphere of This College as you see it?
      a. What kind of student is happy here? And what kind is not happy?

16. What kind of freshman orientation program is offered? How long is it and when
does it occur? What activities take place?

17. How is the advising system set up for freshmen and who does the advising?

18. What are some of the best features of This College?

19. What are some of the challenges and even weaknesses of
This College?
a. Are there opportunities for students to work on that?

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