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At the end of that first meeting, we will confirm that the family would like to hear more from us. If they do, we'll provide:

  • A detailed workplan for the areas in which we, together, believe CollegeLab should invest its time;
  • An outline of what the student's Portfolio will look like when their applications are filed;
  • A budget for our services; and
  • A one-page contract with CollegeLab.


In addition to the custom workplan phone calls and e-mails at least weekly on how to implement or adjust the family's work plan and CollegeLab's enthusiastic full attention, every CollegeLab client also receives right away:

  • The CollegeLab Matrix - A matrix outlining and comparing the various colleges which meet the family's goals and offer the best likely fit with the student's needs. The CollegeLab Matrix will also indicate the schools where the student's portfolio of skills and talents may draw significant attention from the admissions committee and offer the best prospects of drawing merit-based financial aid.

  • The CollegeLab Timeline - a personalized plan of all the steps needed each month to keep the development and implementation of the Portfolio and, later, the student's applications on track.

  • The CollegeLab Community - Each client family will get access to a password -protected weblog or "blog" that will allow them to learn what other CollegeLab families are experiencing in their admissions process, learn from those families and get some perspectives on their own experiences.

  • Tailored, Personal Counseling  - Personal college counseling on all aspects of assembling the Portfolio, helping select the courses, teachers and coaches to implement the Portfolio, including any athletic goals identified in the OptiMind program.

  • Essay Development & Editing - Review the student's writing samples and timed writing exercises to develop the organizational and grammatical skills necessary to meet the timed writing requirements of the New SAT and selecting effective topics and editing the student's application essays.

  • Help in Keeping on Track Weekly personalized outlines of the steps needed to implement the Portfolio and get applications filed on time.
Full-time private, independent colege counselors offer the best resources and insights into the college admissions process.
Univeristy of St. Andrew's - Scotland, founded in 1410 The University of Chicago, a bastion of intellectual rigor and conservative economics Stanford University, admissions here are among the most difficult in America