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Other Services

Optional services that clients often ask us to provide include:

  • Financial Aid Evaluation and Strategies.  Comprehensive analysis of the costs of each college to which the student has been accepted, net of any academic or athletic scholarships, and assistance in developing ways to address the inevitable cost issues with the student's top choice schools.

  • Wait List Follow-up.  One sign of an aggressive program of targeting the most challenging schools is often the student's placement on a number of schools' wait-lists.  CollegeLab will develop and help implement a strategy of updating and advocacy for our students through to the resolution of their applications at waitlisted schools.

  • Bridging to Freshman Year.  Assistance with the mechanics of the numerous choices freshmen must make for the first time in course selection, course load, housing, roommate selection and extra-curricular commitments.

For Student-Athletes.

The OptiMind Assessment.  An optional consultation describing the format and goals of the OptiMind LSP/CSP assessment and the mechanics of how it is administered.

  • An online administration of the LSP/CSP
  • Review and discussion of the LSP/CSP results with Mark Mobley, 60 minutes with student and parents
  • A telephone conference between the student's coach or coaches and an OptiMind trainer certified to coach that student's sports at the high school level in Colorado
  • If necessary, a personal visit by the OptiMind trainer to a student's practice or game to get a personal assessment of the athlete's competitive level
  • Presentation of an integrated plan to build a CollegeLab Portfolio of challenging academics and specific competitive athletic goals with selected target colleges for that student - 90 minutes, in person, with the student and parents. Details here.

College Tours

Fully arranged, escorted tours of colleges in the US, Canada and Europe for second semester juniors and rising high school seniors that include campus tours, admissions department interviews, interview rehearsal and follow-up.  CollegeLab will customize the itinerary, make all the travel arrangements, set up appointments with admissions officers wherever possible, arrange for meals with current students, faculty (if available) and provide ground transportation.  One counselor will escort students for up to five days and four nights.  Call for details.

CollegeLab Family Discounts

Because so much of CollegeLab's time is invested in understanding  each family's educational goals and the family's schedules, we offer a 25% discount for second or third siblings in families we work with if there is at least one year of overlapping work.

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