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Our College Admissions Quiz

College admissions counseling - CollegeLab

This 9 - question quiz should take you just about a minute. 

Print a copy of this page.  Then sit down and write in your answers. 



1. Percent of 2003 applicants to all colleges, public & private, with a grade point average of A- (3.50) or better

2. Percent of 2003 applicants to Yale that a Yale admissions spokesman said "had numerical qualifications which meet all the historical standards”

3. Percent of 2003 high school valedictorian applicants rejected at Dartmouth

4. Percent of 2003 high school valedictorian applicants rejected at Brown

5. College voted by high schoolers as having the “best marketing materials”

6. Private college with the fastest growing number of applicants, 1995 - 2003

7. Number of private colleges in the US

8. Number of colleges that accept less than 35% of their applicants

9. Number of private colleges that currently charge $24,000 or more in tuition

Now click here for the Answers.


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