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College in Scotland & Canada -The Benefits

Loyola Chapel at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec,  Concordia is one of Canada's bilingual English - French universities.

Great Academic

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St. Andrews, founded in 1410, is steeped in academic tradition and displays its affection for those traditions often.

The benefits of enrolling at a Canadian or Scottish university are extensive.  They include:

  • Help for a "Late Bloomer."  Canadian & Scottish universities make their admissions decisions for international students in a very humane way. The single most important factor in admissions decisions for foreign students is the student's performance in high school as reflected in their transcript. Scottish & Canadian admissions officers:
    • All but ignore freshman and sophomore year grades; and
    • Recompute the applicant's GPA based on the applicant's performance in core academic subjects taken in junior and senior years.
    • Generally, do not require SAT or ACT test scores.
    • Weight heavily AP and IB test scores.
    • Are admitting you to 4 year colleges. Unlike the British model, you won't need to pick an academic department to which you apply and you won't work your tail off to graduate in three years.
    • As a result, relative to American admissions practices, American students with improving grades are at an advantage in Canada & Scotland. 

  • A little more time.  Many Canadian colleges do not require completed applications until April or May.  St. Andrews and the University of Edinburgh accept applications from American students until June 30 for that fall's first semester. This is an important advantage to students who have:
    • Grades that are trending higher in their senior year;

    • Improved or just weak test scores; and

    • Had unpleasant surprises, including being waitlisted, in US college admissions

College in Scotland & Canada - The Differences

College in Scotland & Canada - The Benefits

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