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College in Scotland & Canada

Going to college in Canada or in Scotland does not mean giving up good weather or having fun as a college student. Ask any on this lawn at McGill.

Great Alternatives

for U.S. Students

The great unversities of Canada and Scotland are older and more steeped in great student tradition than nearly all American colleges.

Since 2002, more than 20,000 Americans have gone to Scottish and Canadian universities for

great educations, unique educational value and a broader world view.  

St. Andrews and The University of Edinburgh will accept applications from North American students until June 30 each year for that fall! 

PARENTS: Total on-campus costs at these universities are substantially less than the costs of their American counterparts!

In the following pages, CollegeLab can help you understand:

College in Scotland & Canada - The Differences

College in Scotland & Canada - The Benefits


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