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What Questions Could I be Asked?


Admissions and alumni interview questions can be about almost anything. Be prepared.

In theory, you could be asked any legal question that bears upon an admissions decision. With well-meaning well-alumni interviewers, you might be asked any question. It pays to be aware of the more common variations of obscure questions that come up from time to time.

Again, don't try to script an answer and commit it to memory. Do be sure that you can handle the question in a relaxed, confident manner. Then move on to one of the important points you want to make about your potential to contribute to campus life.

Your Academic Record

1. Why did you pick the elective courses (or IB program or AP classes, etc.) you chose in high school?
2. How do you describe yourself?
3. What are the best and worst parts of Your HS?
4. How do your classmates at Your HS describe you?
      a.  Answering this question has some additional risks of misinterpretation. Be positive

This College-Specific Questions

1. Where would you go if you don’t get into This College?
      a.  May be framed as: Why do you want to go this region for college?
2. Anyone in your family go to This College?

The Future

1. Where do you see yourself 5 years after graduation?
2. What kind of career path do you see yourself taking?
3. Do you think you’ll go to law school?

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